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Laboratory Device Manufacturers Value Custom Pumps

OEM supplier Diener Precision Pumps presents gear pumps and piston pumps at the Clinical Lab Expo

Laboratory Device Manufacturers Value Custom Pumps

Valve-less piston pump

The Swiss OEM supplier Diener Precision Pumps develops and manufactures magnetically driven gear pumps and valve-less piston pumps for international customers. At the AACC Clinical Lab Expo, 28 – 30 July 2015 in Atlanta, the company showcased the latest designs of gear pumps and piston pumps as well as customized manifolds.

Valve-less piston pumps for dosing and metering of reagent fluids
The valve-less piston pumps enjoyed strong demand at the fair. They are made of ceramic and allow the precise dosing and metering of different, even aggressive fluids. Already today, manufacturers are replacing the traditionally used peristaltic and syringe pumps successfully with the piston pumps as showcased at the Clinical Lab Expo. Compared to peristaltic and syringe pumps, valve-less ceramic piston pumps last for the lifetime of the equipment without any service intervention as well as providing benefits in terms of size, performance and cost.

Magnetically driven gear pumps for reagent fluid transfer, wash and waste applications
The latest design of magnetically driven and seal-less gear pumps also attracted a great deal of interest. These gear pumps are used in clinical devices worldwide for reagent fluid transfer, wash and waste applications. They are a compact solution which offers a long reliable lifetime at a viable economic cost.

Custom manifolds
Expert visitors appreciated that Diener Precision Pumps not only tailors pumps to individual customer requirements but also the manifolds. By the matching design of pumps and manifolds unnecessary tubing and connectors are removed and potential leak points are eliminated. This reduces costs and sizes.

Custom capabilities for OEMs
Diener Precision Pumps works with customers“ engineers to design customized pumps and manifolds, which enhance equipment performance and efficiency. Based on a menu of design alternatives they minimize the installed cost.

Diener Precision Pumps is a Swiss quality manufacturer of precision pumps. The privately owned engineering company, run by engineers for engineers designs and manufactures piston pumps and gear pumps for OEM fluid handling systems worldwide. Superior performance, long life and quality as well as a high cost-effectiveness characterize the products of Diener Precision Pumps. All piston pumps and gear pumps are tailored exactly to the individual customer application. The precision pumps are developed at Diener Precision Pumps´ center of innovation in Lodi, California, and are produced at the company´s headquarters in Embrach, Switzerland.

Diener Precision Pumps
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Stationsstrasse 66
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